What's the main parts for LED Aluminum Channel Profile Fixture?

LED Aluminum Channel, also called LED Extrusion or LED Profile or LED Strip Diffuser is a great way to protect and display LED Strip Lights. Delkon Lighting offers a large variety of pro quality LED Strip Channels for your next LED Strip Light installation that fit seamlessly into grooves in cabinets, stairs, ceilings, closets, floors, walls, and even around corners.

Choose from tough anodized aluminum channels like our (Mounted/Under Cabinet/Floor and Stairs LED Profile) which enables you to protect and preserve your LED Strip Lights, our Flexible LED Strip Channels for uneven surfaces like under cabinets and counters, or around curved walls, or try our Drywall LED Profile which are a great cost-effective option to help take your LED strip light installations to the next level.

Main parts of Aluminum LED Profile Lighting System:

1  Flexible LED strips or rigid led bar.

2  T5-6063 Aluminum led profile

3  PMMA cover (polymethyl methacrylate) or PC cover (polycarbonate)

4  Accessories such as the end caps,clips,suspension wires or joint connectors.

5 LED driver

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